Ra Nui – Pinot Noir

Ra Nui Marlborough Wairau Valley Pinot Noir 2010

The fruit was all hand picked in perfect condition between 25 March and 4 April
2010. Hand picked into small bins the grapes were immediately transported to the
winery and on arrival were placed directly into a desteemer/crusher and into small
open topped fermenters. We then gave the must a cold soak for three days, with
regular hand plunging, this aids extraction of colour and tannins.
The must was then warmed in order to start fermentation, and
over this period hand plunging continued to break up the cap.
After fermentation the wine was pressed off into French 225 litre
barriques, primarily one to four year old barriques, with 10% new.
The wine was then aged for 9 months, with regular scrutiny and
any topping up of barrels that was needed. The wine was fined
with egg whites for clarity, prior to blending the various clones
and bottling.
The wine was stored for three months prior to release.
Light red in colour. The nose exhibits enticing aromas of ripe
black cherries, black plums and some pepper and spice,
distinctly Pinot Noir. On the palate these cherries and black
fruit notes are smoothly carried by balanced oak, smooth
tannins and soft acidity. A long richly textured finish.
A softly textured delight – perfect food wine – Marlborough
in a glass!!
Ra Nui Marlborough Wairau Valley Pinot Noir 2010
Season 09/10
Grapes were sourced from two of our Wairau Valley vineyards to make this wine.
The Summer Valley vineyard lies in a rain shadow under the lee of the Wither Hills,
it is a warm north facing block with fine loess soils and is always the first block to be
harvested. This vineyard is close planted with various Dijon clones of Pinot Noir
(115, 667, 777) and also the famed Abel DRC “gumboot” clone (a clone that has an
interesting background as to its source). The other vineyard that supplied grapes for
this wine is our new Delta Hill vineyard, a small hillside vineyard close planted at
over double the normal NZ vine density. The Delta Hill is one of the highest altitude
vineyards in Marlborough and is cooler than the valley floor. Planted with eight
different clones of Pinot Noir on various low vigour root stock resulting in small berries,
low yield per vine and concentrated flavours. The soil comprises low vigour
loess with some gravel and clay components.
We had a wet winter and the growing season started with damp soils and none of
the usual Spring frosts. A nice flowering for Pinot Noir (which is an early budder)
followed, with good weather, we then had a glorious period of fine warm weather
lasting most of summer. In February we had rain however this had no effect on
Pinot Noir, which comprised a small crop in 2009.The Growing Degree Days for
the growing season (July to April) were 1,325 compared to the long term average
of 1,341.

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