Fortified Wines

A fortified wine is a wine that is “fortified” with additional alcohol that’s been added to the base wine during fermentation, bringing the average alcohol content up around 17-20%. Fortified wines can be made in either dry or sweet styles (with the middle-ground of medium-sweet or medium-dry covered in virtually all types of fortified wine categories). The most common types of fortified wines are Port and Sherry.

We have barrel aged port like our Quinta de Baldias Tawny Porto and 1995 Casa de Santa Eufemia Porto Colheita. We have bottle aged port from ruby, Quinta de Baldias Fine Ruby, to Late Bottle Vintage, 2006 Quinta de Baldias LBV. Not to be forgotten, Vintage port, like our 2003 Quinta de Baldias Vintage Porto.

For Sherry we have from dry, like our Valdivia Manzanilla Seca La Rubia Blanco, though to sweet, like our Valdivia Sacramonte Pedro Ximénez 15 años Muy Mahogany. We also have lightly fortified Vins doux natural from the south of France. From the lighter and fruity Domaine Fontanel L`Age de Pierre Muscat de Rivesaltes, to the caramel, oxidised Domaine Fontanel Rivesaltes Ambré through to the robust and succulent Domaine Fontanel Maury.

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