Monchiero Carbone MonBirone Barbera D'Alba

Monchiero Carbone MonBirone Barbera D'Alba

  • €42.41

MonBirone is the most celebrated hill in Canale, as it is home to the sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of MonBirone, to whom the people of the town are very devoted. The vineyards lie around the top of the hill facing east, south and west, enabling us to mitigate any variations in temperature which may occur between different vintages, and obtain a consistent quality. And it is here that our very best Barbera grapes are still grown to make the Barbera d’Alba MonBirone.

The harvest generally takes place during the first two weeks of October, and crushing is then followed by a traditional-style alcoholic fermentation lasting 15/20 days. After drawing off, the wine is transferred into small 225-liter barrels for the malolactic fermentation, with an aging period that can last between 15 and 20 months. After bottling, the wine’s development is then completed in cellars underground, where it stays for around 6 months prior to its release.

Deep ruby-red in color, the MonBirone showcases an intense, layered complexity on the nose, with aromas of cocoa, roasted coffee, juniper berries, hints of cherry, and plum. The finish is long and fresh, with a harmonious balance between fruit flavors and oak.

Piedmont, Italy

Style: Dry Red

Vintage: 2016

Grapes: Barbera

Alcohol by volume: 14.5%

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