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Cava Naveran Brut Rosado

Cava Naveran Brut Rosado

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Pale pink with reflections of light gold. Its small “pink pearls” (perles rosas) slowly rise to the surface creating a characteristic crown. Aroma: The first impression is very pleasant, with refined and light aromas, lingering in character with a varietal and aging. Flavour: In the mouth, it is agreeable, full and creamy, with an elegant and lengthy finish.

Cavas are very versatile as an apéritif before the meal, to accompany dessert afterward and (surprise!) to enjoy during the meal. This Naveran Brut Vintage will pair with soft cheeses, fresh fruit, white meats (pork and chicken), and even richly flavoured red meats. This Cava is great for sipping on its own, especially for receptions and other “standing up” events.

Cava, Spain

Style: Dry Sparkling Rose

Vintage: 2019

Grapes: Pinot Noir

Alcohol by volume: 12%


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